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New report warns of looming incapacity crisis

By 2025 more than 13 million people at risk of mental incapacity will be leaving medical and care preferences to chance, reveals a new report from SFE (Solicitors for the Elderly) and independent think tank, Centre for Future Studies, exposing a looming healthcare crisis across the UK.

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What is an Executor?

If you have been asked to be, or considering making someone an ‘executor’, this refers to the role of representing someone after they have passed away.

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What does intestate mean for you?

October 2014 saw the biggest changes in probate law’s history come into effect. While the overhaul meant no real difference to those with minimal assets, for the partners of those who died without making a will and who have more assets, it meant significant change. The change gave a surviving spouse the right to a much bigger share of their deceased spouse’s estate than was previously the case.

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Tracking your digital worth for the next generation

The value of our online lives is worth billions of pounds but many of these assets may never be passed on, as people are failing to record their digital worth.

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Are you entitled to a refund for registering your Power of Attorney?

Last week the government introduced a new scheme which will enable nearly 2 million people to claim for a refund on their registration fee for their Power of Attorney arrangements.

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DO SOMETHING POSITIVE FOR 2018 – Make a Will: protect your family

Did you know that less than 60% of the population have written a Will?  It seems an astonishing figure and means that you may be one of those who haven't got around to it yet.  

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Why you should take legal advice when setting up Lasting Powers of Attorney

There can be no denying that a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) can be an extremely useful document. A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document which allows you to appoint people that you trust to make important decisions on your behalf if you become mentally or physically incapable of doing so for yourself. 

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Should I transfer my house to my children?

This is a question that we are now frequently asked. With the possible introduction of significantly higher probate fees in May, it is likely that this will become an even more popular question.

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Probate Fee Petition

To deal with a person’s estate it is usually necessary to obtain a Grant of Probate where the estate exceeds £50,000 in value and it may be required for smaller estates in some circumstances. The current fee payable to obtain the Grant of Probate is £155 if the application is made through a solicitor, or £215 if made personally.

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The Inheritance Tax Rules are Changing

An increasing number of families are unknowingly facing an inheritance tax liability, as the older generations have accumulated wealth and property values have increased.

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