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Your rights as a step-parent after a divorce

If you’re a recently divorced step-parent and are wondering what rights you have to see your step-children, there are a few things you need to know. Jane Wheeler takes a look at what happens after a divorce, what measures a step-parent can take in order to gain access to a step-child, and whether there any financial obligations that need to be met.

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Divorce goes virtual, but complex cases will keep their day in court

A new online service should cut the stress of applying for a divorce according to the Ministry of Justice, but family law professionals say it’s likely to benefit only those with simple finances who are pursuing the DIY route.

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Child custody agreements - how to make disagreements over children less painful

No matter how acrimonious the break up, making the process as stress free as possible for the children should be the main priority. It will certainly be the family court’s main priority so it is in everyone’s interest to keep disagreements over children as calm as possible. How can you do that and get the best outcome for your children? Here is our five-point guide.

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Contact with your Children – how to settle your differences without going to court

Whether you are married or living together, splitting up can be an emotional time. If there are children involved, the feelings of hurt and anger can be magnified. However, this is the time when your children need you to be at your most level-headed.

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Common law myths – your rights as an unmarried couple

In today’s society, it’s increasingly common for couples to live together as ‘common law’ spouses or co-habitees rather than getting married. The danger of this is that many co-habitees believe they have the same protection as a common law husband or wife, which simply isn’t true. In reality, you have very little protection as an unmarried couple should the relationship end or if one of you dies.

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Can pre-nups agreements help to save your marriage?

Wedding season is just around the corner, and has an extra buzz thanks to the brace of royal weddings planned for 2018. If you’re tying the knot this year, it’s likely you’ve spent time carefully planning everything from bouquets to bunting. But have you given a second thought to a pre-nuptial agreement? Some couples just don’t want to think about what happens if there isn’t the dreamed of fairy-tale ending. But what if a pre-nup could actually help make your marriage stronger?

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Cohabitation: Know Your Rights

After revealing a number of disturbing preconceptions from couples who choose to live together without getting married, the family law association ‘Resolution’ has put issues surrounding cohabitation in the spotlight and firmly on the agenda of the legal profession. Verisona Law’s family specialist, Jane Wheeler, explains why.

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Family finances make divorce negotiations increasingly complex

Divorce rates are on the rise, according to the latest statistics, and with the increase in the value of family assets, couples should do more to face up to financial affairs during the good times according to professionals.

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Why a Cohabitation Agreement is essential for non-married couples

Unmarried couples have no legal rights if they separate – so without an agreement, one of you could be left with nothing*.

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Separation & Divorce - The rights of Grandparents

In a divorce, nobody really comes out of the process a ‘winner’. Hostilities between battling former spouses can sour relationships not just between them, but throughout the wider family group too. Courts do their very best to protect the interests and the wellbeing of the most vulnerable members of the family, the children.

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