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Cohabitation: Know Your Rights

After revealing a number of disturbing preconceptions from couples who choose to live together without getting married, the family law association ‘Resolution’ has put issues surrounding cohabitation in the spotlight and firmly on the agenda of the legal profession. Verisona Law’s family specialist, Jane Wheeler, explains why.

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Separation & Divorce - The rights of Grandparents

In a divorce, nobody really comes out of the process a ‘winner’. Hostilities between battling former spouses can sour relationships not just between them, but throughout the wider family group too. Courts do their very best to protect the interests and the wellbeing of the most vulnerable members of the family, the children.

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WYATT v VINCE: Revolution or Overreaction?

The news that five Supreme Court justices unanimously ruled that Ms Kathleen Wyatt can take legal action against her millionaire ex-husband, Mr Dale Wince, after they divorced 20 years ago, long before he made his fortune, has sent shockwaves through the legal profession.

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