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What is a Protective Award claim?

A Protective Award is a form of compensation awarded to employees in situations where an employer makes more than 20 employees redundant without collectively informing  or consulting the employees about the redundancy.

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Top ten employment law tips for employers

Throughout its ten year history, Verisona Law has shared its knowledge, expertise and guidance with employers ranging from large corporate businesses and football clubs, to family businesses and niche sectors. To mark the firm’s tenth anniversary, here are the top ten issues we believe employers need to be aware of and confident in dealing with for the successful management of their staff.

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New Rights Raise Another Red Flag for Employers

New payslip requirements are set to come into force to include all workers, not just employees, and involve itemised calculations for variable rates of pay and hours worked.

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Recognising the gender agenda for trans staff

Trans campaigners are hoping for a simpler path to legal recognition of gender change following the government’s announcement that it is reviewing the process. Elsewhere, the High Court has set an important precedent on the right to respect for non-gendered identity, marking a milestone in civil rights litigation on gender identity and LGBTI+ rights.

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How could the re-nationalisation of private sector industry affect jobs?

With the recent news that East Coast railway services have been re-nationalised, there has also been a resurgence of interest in the nationalisation of the entire rail network. With the Labour Party pledging that they’ll re-nationalise the railways if they’re voted into power, and 70% of UK citizens saying that they support re-nationalisation, Sue Ball at Verisona Law examines the potential impact of re-nationalisation on jobs.

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The Hidden Disability: Mental Health at Work

Mental Health Awareness Week, 14th - 20th May 2018, is an opportunity for employers to revisit current practices and to see if their policy and culture match up to best practice.

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Employment law updates in 2018

2017 was a busy year in the world of Employment Law. Among the legal headlines were the removal of employment fees and the beginning of what was to become a national consultation on the pay gap between men and women.

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Dealing with employee theft

According to a poll commissioned by office-furniture supplier Kit Out My Office, more than two-thirds of UK office workers have admitted to stealing from their employers and colleagues at some time during their careers. With the cost of stolen items averaging at £12.50 and an estimated 15 million workers having confessed to employee theft, the cost to UK employers adds up to a whopping £190 million each year.

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Voluntary Workers – Their rights and your responsibilities as an employer

A volunteer is anyone who carries out unpaid work for a charity, fundraising body or voluntary organisation. If you hire volunteers to work for your organisation, there are certain things you need to be aware of. If you happen to be a volunteer, it pays to know your rights, too. We’ve outlined some of the legalities to help you both stay on the right side of the law.

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Firefighter ruling sparks new heat for employers

The standby arrangements for Belgium’s volunteer firefighters are set to cause new headaches for employers with workers who are paid flat rates for time on-call or when sleeping in the workplace, with a judgement that will affect companies across the European Union.

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