Abuse: you may not be alone

It is a sad act that abusers often repeat their crimes and when they are working in institutions such as schools or care homes, they may have abused many people.

The one silver lining in this bleak cloud is that it is easier to win a compensation claim when it can be based on evidence from a number of people.

This was the case when we represented former pupils who attended St George’s Private Boarding School in Wicklewood, Norfolk and later in Great Finsborough, Suffolk, in the seventies and eighties.

Derek Slade, the Headmaster and chief perpetrator, had already been convicted of abuse at his criminal trial, opening the way for a compensation claim in the Civil Courts.

We pursued the School’s holding company, Anglemoss Limited, which was set up and run by Slade, along with four other Directors.

The claims included damages for the actual assaults, of which he kept comprehensive notes, and for psychiatric injuries, many of which became apparent later in the pupils’ lives.

A number of claims have been settled successfully, although there is an enforcement issue relating to pre-September 1980 claims..

We will update this article whenever there are developments.

If you have suffered abuse at any time in your life and would like to discuss your case, please contact us. Initial meetings are free, without obligation and in complete confidence.

Below is a selection of organisations/instutions/bodies we are frequently instructed to pursue.


  • Private schools, boarding schools, local authority schools, closed schools, hospital schools.


  • The Scouts Association, St Johns Ambulance, MIND, the Children’s Society, Barnados.

Private companies

  • Football trainers, judo teachers, dance instructors, swimming instructors, holiday activity centres, nurseries, youth clubs.

Local Authorities/Ministry of Defence

  • County Councils, Borough Councils, City Councils, ILEA, cadets, navy/ army (forces).

National Health Service Trusts/Commissioning Boards/GPs

  • Hospitals, Disability care centres, children’s care providers.


  • Convicted perpetrators, acquitted perpetrators.

Children’s Homes

  • Respite care, full time children’s home, part-time children’s homes.

Religious Institutions

  • Roman Catholic Church, United Synagogue, Sisters of Nazareth, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Brothers Order.

Foster Carers

  • Permanent carers, temporary carers

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