What is a settlement agreement?

What is a Settlement Agreement?

A Settlement Agreement (formerly known as a Compromise Agreement) is a contract entered into between employer and employee upon termination of employment, which sets out the terms of the  agreement reached between them.

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What are a step-parent's rights after divorce?

Separation is always difficult, without the added worry of being a step-parent.

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What is a Protective Award claim?

A Protective Award is a form of compensation awarded to employees in situations where an employer makes more than 20 employees redundant without collectively informing  or consulting the employees about the redundancy.

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Financial abuse in relationships

When the word “abuse” is heard most people would think of emotional or physical abuse. Financial abuse in relationships may not be the first thing that comes to mind, however, research and studies have shown that it occurs just as often as other forms of abuse.

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The rise of cohabiting couples

The ONS (Office of National Statistics) releases a Families and households report every year. It covers patterns and trends in living arrangements in the UK including families, single occupancy and shared accommodation.

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Data rights - is your business compliant?

Data is now regarded as more valuable than oil [1], making it one of the most sought-after resources in the world. With the legislation and laws around importing, exporting and processing oil, it’s only fitting that our data laws have the same due-diligence.

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Cyber (In)Security

Reducing the threat of a cyber-attack

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What is Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation

A divorce/separation can be an emotional time. Sometimes, even without realising, parents may express these complex emotions around their children, which can have a negative effect on family life. After a difficult separation, sometimes, one parent can psychologically manipulate a child’s feelings towards the other parent. This is now recognised by the courts and is known as parental alienation.

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PPI claims for deceased relations

Did you know that the latest date to submit a PPI claim is the 29th August 2019? This cut-off date also applies to claims for deceased relations.

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Relatives of Gosport hospital deaths told patients are ‘victims’ by health secretary Matt Hancock

On 16th July 2019, the health secretary told relatives of Gosport hospital deaths patients that the government are listening to family members as he said: ‘Your families are the victims.’

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