Historic Abuse

We have extensive experience in helping victims of abuse, particularly historic physical or sexual child abuse to pursue their legal rights.

We understand that talking about the abuse they suffered as a child or adolescent is a big step for someone to take and so we do everything we can to make it as stress free as possible for you to confide in us. For this reason we frequently travel long distances to see clients who, initially at least, do not feel able to come to our offices.

Why you should talk to us?

We can explain your legal rights and what remedies might be available. If you can show that some person or organisation was at fault then you may be entitled to damages for the abuse that you suffered and this includes any mental injury.

Not all cases go to Court - many settle

When we have been able to assess the strength of your claim we will be able to give you an indication of your prospects of success when we meet. Some cases cannot be pursued if there is insufficient evidence or too much time has passed. Where the claim is strong an agreement to settle is often reached without the claim having to go to a final Court hearing.

No win no fee

In many cases it will be possible for us to pursue your claim on a "No win, No fee" arrangement. Where for any reason that may not be available we will advise on alternative methods of funding your action. Public Funding may also be available in some cases.

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