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Child Abuse Claims

If you were abused, even a long time ago, we can help you get compensation, and closure, by bringing a claim on your behalf – just as we have for many people in the past. As specialist child abuse lawyers we are often the first people clients ever tell about what happened to them and we do our best to make the process as easy as possible. We can pursue an abuse claim for you whether the abuse you suffered was recent or of a historic nature.

Most people ask us what will happen if they start a claim. Will family and friends find out? Will they be believed? Will they stay in control of the process? Will they have to go to court? What happens next?

You will find the answers to many of these questions in the articles below if you are not yet ready to talk, but if you are, we will meet with you free of charge, without obligation and in total confidence. We can discuss your experiences and if you would like us to, make some discreet enquiries. From this we should be able to advise you if we think you have a winnable case and explain your options.

Remember, many abuse cases are settled out of court, your identity can be protected and you will have a friendly, experienced legal team on your side.

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