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House sellers are facing testing questions

Springtime is traditionally the busiest time for the property market, but with a knotty problem affecting more homes than ever, it’s worth doing some horticultural homework before you start, whether you’re buying or selling. Japanese knotweed is a highly invasive, aggressive and destructive plant, able to grow as high as ...

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Brexit and the housing market

You will no doubt recall that following Brexit the ‘Remainers’ predicted that property prices would crash and we would be thrown into another era of property repossessions, negative equity and stagnant housing market. The foreboding predictions have not happened and whilst they may have been avoided in the short term, ...

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Equity release: things to consider

Equity release sprang to prominence ten or fifteen years ago and provides an opportunity for older people wishing to fund their retirement. The homeowner sells part of their home to the equity release provider for an agreed price. They can then enjoy the proceeds and live in the property for ...

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