Wrongful trading law reviewed as liquidators fail to establish ‘increase in net deficiency’

In a comprehensive judgment released today, rejecting claims brought by the liquidators of Ralls Builders Limited. Mr Justice Snowden has reviewed the law of wrongful trading and clarified a number of aspects and apparently contradictory decisions that have caused controversy within the insolvency profession for a number of years, including:

One million UK directors are aged over 65

According to figures, more than one million company directors are now over the age of 65. Around 428,000 are registered as self-employed and 582,000 businesses are employing directors that are over 65, the current age for retirement in the UK, bringing the total to 1,010,000.

Leading South coast law firm promotes ICT Manager

It’s been a New Year and a new start for Paula Cooke, who has been promoted to the role of ICT Manager at Verisona Law, paving the way for growth and development of the ICT offering at the firm in 2016.

Portsmouth networking event for Young Professionals “growing” success

Carrying on from its flying start, the second of a brand new networking event in Portsmouth for young professionals in the area was over-subscribed.

Bolton Wanderers get “extra time” on winding up order

We’ve all read the story about how Bolton Wanderers have been teetering on the edge of liquidation, but recent news has revealed that the club managed to avoid an immediate winding up, giving them until 22nd February to curb some of the debt.

Be a Boss, not Big Brother

A ruling from the European Court of Human Rights against a Romanian engineer who claimed his employer’s reading of email messages exchanged with his fiancée was a violation of his privacy, has caused professional bodies and unions to send a stern warning to bosses who might think the decision gives them the right to monitor activities of employees.